Zwischen den Stühlen

Nach zwei Tagen Abstinenz von Jorts, zwei Tagen wo ich mich kaum habe in der Stadt sehen lassen, wurde es mal wieder Zeit Präsenz zu zeigen. Doch auf den Weg in die Unterstadt traf mich schon der erste Schock. Trotz der noch immer anhaltenden Bedrohung durch zwei andere Orte, zog langsam der Schlendrian ein und Nachlässigkeit gewann wieder die Oberhand. Was ich damit sagen will? Trotz einer eindeutigen Anweisung der roten Kaste, unterstützt durch einen Ratsbeschluss, nur die Seitentore zu benutzen und diese sorgfältig zu verschließen sobald man sie passiert hatte, stand das Seitentor heute mal wieder sperrangelweit offen.

Wütend ließ ich es einrasten und setzte meinen Weg fort. Immer noch schlecht gelaunt traf ich auf Bal, der sich scheinbar gerade am Hafen mit einer Kajira vergnügt hatte. Als er dann das Gespräch auf den Informanten brachte der sich immer noch nicht gemeldet hatte, ließ ich meine schlechte Laune an ihm und seiner Fastgefährtin aus. Gut die war gerade nicht zugegen aber sie hatte diesen Informanten besorgt und für ihn gebürgt, entsprechende Konsequenzen würde das also für sie haben. Bal indes verrannte sich zwischen zwei Schwüren die er unbedingt einhalten wollte. Zum einem den, welchen er auf auf dem Heimstein

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The pirate lass

A new round of The Fantasy Collective opens tomorrow, and the theme is Pirates, so think Black Sails, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and Grace O'Malley! Arrrghhh me hearties!

The very eerie rocks I'm standing on - including wrecked ship and skeleton floating in the waters below - are from Kalopsia. The Lost Pirate Island at original size is only 25 LI. I enlarged the scene though, naturally pushing the LI upwards.

The main outfit I'm wearing is The White Armory's Cabin Girl mesh bloomers set, which includes mesh boots, lace choker, and pirate hat. However, for these pics, I swapped it out for MeshedUp's pirate bandana and hat. The bandana includes two versions, one for wearing with the hat, and one for wearing on its own. You will need a nice sleek hair for a neat fit.  (A shrug from Indyra and belt from The.Plastik complete the look.)

Perched on my shoulder is the Mowie pet from May's Soul / Tentacio. This time he/she is decked out like a fearsome pirate, complete with hat, eye patch, and a hook for a paw. Arrrrr!
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April 19, 2014: Gettin’ Into the Swing of Genre-New Release From Distorted Dreams!

If you’ve not yet been to Genre, thrifty shoppers, you’ll want to swing by ASAP to have a look at all the great deals and amazing new content by some of your favorite creators.  Also, yay for puns! :P

One of the creations you’ll find at this event is a darling little sheath dress from .::Distorted Dreams::.  Available in a variety of gorgeous pastel shades, I’m highlighting the “shell” shade for this post.  It’s a wonderful dress that can either be dressed up or dressed down for whatever you and your pixels wish to do!  I decided to pair this simple yet elegant little number with a new pair of sandals and a simple little necklace from On A Lark.

The following shot was taken at Gachatopia, my favorite gacha-focused yard sale.  If you’ve not been there while hunting down your latest gacha addiction that you SIMPLY MUST HAVE, then shame on you!  Teleport over and see what you’re missing; there’s quite a lot to take in!  For more information on Gachatopia, the events held by sim owners Luke and Morbid Templar, and other gacha events across the grid, click here!

I hope you enjoy what I’ve

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Ozimals 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt etc.

Hi all. I don't usually do cute except at Easter.  I have also always loved *katat0nik* and  silent sparrow and Fallen Gods Inc. so I was compelled to go yesterday to the Ozimals 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Its is on the Magic of Oz sim - a very pretty sim. It is a scripted hunt, you need to first get a basket and then you hunt for eggs that come and go in certain spots around the sim. It took a bit of time as the hunt was busy there are lots of kids on the hunt and they were like lightening and there are only so many eggs that are rezzed at one time. Once you collect 6 eggs you get to choose the prize you would like - in some cases vendors have more than one version of a gift so if you want to get them all you can keep on hunting. When you choose your price you get a stack of eggs - you wear this stack on your head and click on it when within 2 metres of the easter basket in the participating stores, and get your gift. I have been a member of silent

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Gorfail Fashion Post #8934287592

Times are certainly changing in Gor. Sahale isn’t around as much. Ghosts are not as retarded. Now we have people like Vince Scarbridge taking the title of Retard King where he’s downing people from bubbles and bind aiding. Even Vince’s woman Rosalie Ergenthal are a match made in retard heaven as they both have “No Roleplay” limits. The insecurity train to Derp Town is moving quickly with these two on board.

I have decided that I want to be like other fashion blogs. I too want free stuff. So, every now and then, I will be posting fashion outfits for Gor. If any find this is poor taste, please contact my complaint department, Sahale Ishmene.





Flag: COBRA KAI (Hemloc)


A while back, we did a post regarding Hawkwoodblackwater Resident banning people for resetting on his sim which can be found here. He was a bit upset about it, as he came to our sim and did just that. The only difference is, we didn’t ban him.

  • [15:29:56] Ĥᴀᴡᴋ Bʟᴀᴄᴋᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ (hawkblackwater) entered the region (89.92 m).
  • [15:30:07] GM 4.42 ~ HawkBlackwater Resident has been brought back to

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GE Maps – V 88.0

◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥
Please visit Silent Running and subscribe on the Subscribe-O-Matic to receive the updates (no group space needed).

Odlaender Glacier - New York Island✔Perfection - Perfection✔Fe Dotre Panthers - Mystic Fire✔Condemned Rebels - Spirit of Sun✔Kailiauk Village - Dearham✔Kattegat - Forbidden✔De Solis City - Venatores Saltas✔Teslit Forest - Rainbow Forest✔

✖Ianda Outlaws - New York Island✖Rusty Bow Bastards - Heart Dragon Island✖Jad Pirates - Jasna (English & German)✖Yu Mambas - Perfection✖ 



Anango Outlaws - Scottville

 Ashkali Thieves - Three Moons Valley

 Azah Outlaws - 0 0 Ambrosia

 Black Desire Outlawz - Black Desire II

 Bloodrose Scoundrels - PRICKLY PEAR 

Condemned Rebels - Spirit of Sun

 Damned Marauders - Armageddon Lands 

DarkGora Outlaws - DarkGora

 Dark Sword Outlaws - Sword Death 

Destruction Outlaws - Samson

 Free Souls Outlaws - Free Souls Outlaws 

Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold 

Immortal Outlaws - Immortal Outlaws

 Inveteratus - Helmutsport

 Jotnar Marauders - BELISSIMA

 Kalana Woods Outlaws - Kalana Woods 

Black Rose Church Furnishings and Supplies

I Love this Skin and Shape!

     photo LeagueErinblog_zpsa31f4ef6.jpg

This is a new look for the Body Doubles Skin Designer collection and features League's Erin skin...and League clothing and shoes and, just an all round League girl!  And the result is fab!  I love this new Erin skin and the shape takes full advantage of it perfect shading!  Come check her out at:

Now Featuring – Belleza’s Dylan Skin

 photo BellezaDylanblog_zpscd5c6c01.jpg

New look for our SL men showcasing the fab Dylan skin from Belleza.  Styling includes eyes by my fav...Poetic, and some cool hair by Wasabi!  Come check out Dylan and all the other Body Doubles newness at


PSA: Customer Discount Revision – Coming Soon!

At Dysfunctional Designs, we have had a customer loyalty discount for quite some time as a bonus to our awesome customers.

Unfortunately, when we implemented it we had absolutely no idea how the store and sales would spiral out of control into a much bigger beast that it is today.

On the 21st of April (day after Easter) we will be revising and updating these discount tiers to be more evenly spread across instead of awkward increments and uneven tiering as we have now.

Our ultimate goal is to make a fairer, smoother spread bonus system that will benefit everyone in the long run.

 The system now almost penalises our most loyal customers in comparison to those who haven't spent as much, and we wish to fix this for everyone involved. Since we started off with a skewed base, there is vast diminishing returns after the 10% bracket. As in, the next tier up was double the L$ spent, but only a 3% increase.

Regardless, we're giving our customers this full weekend to make any last minute purchases at these tiers before we decide on and implement the new ones on Monday.

For many users, the current discount levels are

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Future nymph

One of Junbug's latest releases is available at t The Seraphim Social. It's a 'space dress' named for Trillian from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The gown has materials turned up to the max - part of the skirt is super shiny, perfect for a futuristic look. It's also available in a black and gold colourway.

The tiara -  currently at at We Love Role-Play) - is one of the Dominion of the Deep tiaras from Paper Moon. There are another two aquatically-inspired coronets available and they're all 25% off for the duration of the event. The skin - a special tone of Quiana from The Skinnery - is half price at the same event.
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But it felt so right when I saw your eyes… news from Lark, Soedara and more!!

Helloooo peeps! :)

How have you been? I have been fairly well, even though I haven’t gotten ANY role-play lately, too busy. :(And at the same time, sooo many awesome events started or are about to start that I could barely keep up. You should definitely check out Genre, Cosmetic Fair and Kustom9, both events are well worth a visit! :)

The wreath!

This wreath is so, so awesome. Sienia Trevellion of Lark is known to make all kinds of cute things, from furniture to clothes and accessories. She made this little piece for The Liaison Collaborative and it is perfectly fitting to the event’s theme: Tuscany Hills. The textures on this one is gorgeous and it comes in four variations, with different variations of the olives. There is also a lemon wreath available! Imho, this is the perfect item to cute up your avatar during an (italian) summer. :D Love it.


The top!

I love versatile items. Versatile tops especially, and this for sure is one of them! It is part of a new release by Marbella Pronovost for Soedara and I LOVE to combine this piece with all kinds of dresses and other items. Beware, the

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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

I had to put out there one more challenge for designers after i saw a particular episode of Game Of Thrones and i have to say that whoever is in charge of the costumes of the show is doing a hell of a great job. Let me show you a particular scene that immediately got my attention.

The actress above is called Indira Varma that gracefully took the part to play as Ellaria Sand, the beloved paramour of Prince Oberyn Martell (the hot dude beside her!). Now let's take a look of her wardrobe. The piece that screamed out most is the stunning head jewelry she is wearing in this scene. Simple and super pretty but will this look good in Second Life? I truly believe so, BUT the designer must be willing to do the hair together with this type of jewelry as one set. If the jewelry piece come by itself will be a royal pain to make it look properly plus the needed details will not be there (such as folds, shadows, etc).
Let's take a look at her body now. The cloak is..awful! This is one negative thing i have to say about her costume and

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Auf Reisen

Es war Mitte der Hand und das war deutlich zu hören! Wie immer an jenem Tag hallte das metallische Schlagen von Schwertern und die Rufe der Krieger durch die Stadt. Heute war es besonders laut, das Stakkato in dem die Schwerter aufeinander trafen besonders intensiv und auch den Rufen der Krieger war der Ehrgeiz und der Tatendrang anzuhören mit dem sie sich auf den bevorstehenden Waffengang vorbereiteten. Wie immer boten sie dabei auch ein Schauspiel das die Massen an und in ihren Bann zog. Ein perfekter Tag um auf Reisen zu gehen. Niemand würde bemerken das ich mit meiner Sklavin einen Abstecher zur Erde unternehmen würde um dort die Ruhe und Abgeschiedenheit zu genießen die einem das Stadtleben verwehrt.



237skin: Egozy.Mendoza (Pale).SOFT – Nicole Button
Lips and brows: THESKINSHOP – Skins
Beautymarks : Nox – Olyvia Stratten
Eyes: “tSg” Realize – Elfie Sugarplum
Hair: Namie by taketomi- Bella earst
feathers: .:EMO-tions:. * BELLONA *(iron/gold)  – Mirja Mills ( soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Collar: [BP] The Fallen Collar – Yasay ( soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival )
Chestplate: ::: B@R ::: Black Phoenix – Mayflo Smails
Wolf: Alchemy – Winter is coming  – Tyr Rozenblum ( @ the secret affair)
Poofy sleeves: p.c; Silk Gypsy Sleeve R – Ava Lu
Pink sleeves: Miriel sleeves, evie’s closet – Evangeline Miles
Skirt: .: ryvolter :. Emmeline Maxi – Inna Bilavio

Es gibt keinen Ort, der Heimat ist

Zu behaupten, dass es ruhig und friedlich und der ideale Ort für einen Brief nach Hause wäre, käme der Wirklichkeit nicht im Entferntesten nahe.

Nicht einmal Sekunden lagen zwischen dem Jaulen und Donnern der Flugabwehr und dem Dröhnen der startenden Transporter. Das Imperium verließ den Planeten. Und nur die Flotte dieses Darth stand zwischen den kleinen Shuttlen und dem plötzlichen Verglühen dank eines direkten Treffers der Republik. Sie würden hier ausharren, bis der letzte Mann evakuiert war, dann den allerletzten Transporter nehmen. Sie – das Sturmregiment (was davon übrig war) und das 181. (ebenfalls: was davon übrig war).

Khalb gönnte sich ein paar Minuten der nicht-ganz-Wachsamkeit. Sergeant Morrison kniete stumm wie eine Statue, das Snipergewehr im Anschlag, ein paar Meter neben ihm. Irgendwo hinter und unter ihm konnte er eine Bewegung wahrnehmen – vod Shillia suchte sich eine optimale Position. Auch der Rest des Regiments hatte sich in der vorderen Hälfte der weiten Halle verteilt. Und wartete. Noch gab es keinen direkten Feindkontakt, hier am Eingang des Raumhafens. Der junge mando’ad lag flach auf dem Bauch auf einem Frachtcontainer, seine beiden Blaster – die Läufe noch kalt – direkt vor den Händen. Und in seinen Fingern das alte Datapad mit dem

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April 16, 2014: The Countdown Room Is…Counting Down! Featuring May’s Soul & Sweet Kajira!

It’s another great, fun-filled shopping day, and you’d best get your shopping fix cured at The Countdown Room soon, before the doors close and those sweet 50% off deals on brand new, custom mesh items from some of your favorite designers are gone forever!

I’ve got two more lovely designs for you which are exclusive to this month’s Countdown Room! This lovely gown from Sweet Kajira comes in a few colors, but the red was by far my favorite.  I struggled with what I’d like to pair with this gown, and after trying on this unique and striking helmet in gold from May’s Soul I decided I loved the result!

I felt this lovely bunch of red roses were the ideal finishing touch to the scene I was trying to create, but they aren’t just for show!  Many of you may have seen these before but if not, they were one of the 30L releases from Primus during the 30L Love & War event a couple weeks ago.  It’s a fantastic melee item that also is delicate, perfect for any Gorean Free Woman or lovely maiden!

I hope you enjoy the images I put together for you featuring these fantastic

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Quick look at the April outfit from Junbug, now discounted at  We Love Role-Play. Tops and skirts are sold separately, so you can pick exactly the colour combination(s) you want.

The plunging lace top is perfect for wenches - but of course you can cover up with a clothing layer underneath if you need something more modest.
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Elven Council

"Epos - Blond" Mesh Hair from Stitched (189L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Hair Mesh Hair Head and Ponytail with 4 Color Options, Texture HUD for Hair Clip and Jewels. Available in Black, Brown, Blond, Red and White. Natural Pack for 259L. Fatpack available for 2.219L)

"Lady Margaery" - Pearl from deviousMind (Available at The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Dress in 4 Sizes as Rigged and Fitted Mesh, Optional Mesh Sleeves in 4 Sizes, Center Silk Drape and Rose Piece with 25 Color Options. Available in Pearl, Bordeaux, Dark Chocolate and Teal)

"Enchant - Ostara" from ellabella (100L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Necklace, Mesh Circlet, Mesh Dermals, Mesh L and R Earrings and 2 Mesh Hairpins)

"Elven Council Set" from Kalopsia (250L for Fatpack - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Elven Chair in Black, Gold or White, Mesh Elven Throne in Black, Gold or White, Mesh Flying Leaves in Green and Orange and Mesh Old Garden Arches)

"Historical Busts - The Maiden and The Lady" from Lost Junction (200L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh The Lady, The Physician, The Professor, The Investigator and The Maiden Busts)

Ich will ein Ar zurück!

Ich wollte zurück ins deutsche Gor aber da gabs kein Ar. Jetzt gibts eine Straße von Ar und eine Taverne. Da lege ich mich jetzt ab und zu auf meine Sklavin und freue mich!   Wer macht mit? Tagged: ar